Are you too busy to slow down? Is your mind too full to think? Struggling to make decisions? Can’t move forward?

In this busy day and age it is so important to take some time for ourselves; yet we feel guilty or under immense pressure to continue working or caring for others.

Try my free ten minute mindful breathing exercise. As with all meditation and hypnotherapy recordings please ensure you are not driving or operating heavy machinery whilst listening.

The Breathing Space

As a lecturer and teacher, my workload meant that I had very little time to spend on myself. When I did find some space I felt extremely guilty. Even picking up a novel became a guilty ‘me’ time as I was not taking time to spend with my husband, family or friends. Ultimately I wasn’t taking the time for my own self care, allowing for creativity or enjoying the simple pleasure of escaping into another world for a short time to rest my mind or emotions. I was always listing, preparing for the future and no longer noticing or enjoying those little daily moments.

What did I do to change? I enrolled on a course to learn about Mindfulness and bring myself into the ‘present’ moment. Through working in a small group, following the key principles of Mindfulness practices and building this into my daily routine I can now:

  • identify key emotions;
  • understand that emotions pass;
  • implement simple structures to calm my physical and emotional reactions;
  • understand my triggers and how to move forward in a positive manner.

Through completing my Mindfulness course I learnt that Mindfulness operates on two levels. The first is the core meditations and the second is the breaking of unconscious habits of thinking and behaving, especially the judgmental and self-critical thoughts we use within our normal routines which can lead us to lose confidence and to become anxious and irritable or stressed.

Why not free up your unconscious energy with an enjoyable delve into Mindfulness? Don’t carry those blockages any further, enquire now!

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