Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

“I’ve actively tried all sorts of strategies to decrease my anxiety and stop my thoughts racing but had only felt slight and temporary improvement.

“I felt so good after today’s session, I don’t think I’ve been able to relax so deeply before. I felt really comfortable with you and was totally aware of what was going on the whole time. You really helped me get rid of some old thought patterns that I couldn’t shift myself through my own meditation techniques.

“I already know that it was really effective because we were on the way to the airport to catch our flight and our driver had a bit of a crash. Everyone was okay but that incident itself, let alone the delay in us getting to the airport, would have usually had my heart racing and ramped up my anxiety. Instead I was totally calm, unfazed and relaxed, like never before. Amazing way to test it out and great confirmation for me that we shifted some junk out today.

“Thanks again Kate, I’m so thankful for your help and expertise. ” LM

Hypnotherapy for Junior Elite Sport

“Hi Kate, thank you for your treatment of our son. This weekend he achieved best results ever in his sports series and seemed to cope with the pressure much better. The whole feel being around him was more relaxed and positive. He was under a lot of pressure to perform and did better than expected. He seems to have cemented in his own mind now that he belongs there. Much appreciated.” LR

Mindfulness for Stress

“Wonderful…. calms the body and mind.” AS

Hypnotherapy for Creativity

“Thank you for helping me with anxiety and, separately, to boost my creativity. On each occasion I experienced greater confidence. I’ve found you professional and friendly and I always feel completely comfortable.” TG