Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

With Hypnotherapy:

  • Combat depression
  • Overcome stress and anxiety
  • Discover new mindsets, including for business and creativity
  • Find focus for study and exams
  • Deal with addictions such as smoking and alcohol
  • Cope with and embrace change
  • Develop confidence, including assertiveness and public speaking
  • Beat phobias, including fear of flying
  • Tackle sleep problems, including insomnia

With Mindfulness:

  • Identify your personal triggers
  • Move forward in a positive manner
  • Learn to be kind to yourself
  • Appreciate that emotions pass
  • Use simple approaches to calm your physical and emotional reactions

BuildĀ resilience, emotional stability and happiness through individualised treatments or attending one of my mindfulness courses.

FREE Join my Meetup Group in Hawthorn on Monday evenings at the SWell Centre, off Riversdale Road.


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